Corporate History

ABITA was found in year 2004 to provide better communication solutions between Finland and Japan. The service concept has been growing. In current years, we are seeking for business opportunities not only in Japan but also Europe with open source technologies and open business solutions.
YearClientsABITA's works
2004 Hiroshima University Coordination of research in Finnish education system.
2005 15 Finnish design enterprises Coordination of entering into Japanese market by participating in Aichi World Expo 2005.
2005 Japanese TV stations Research in Nordic royals for special programs for TV shows.
2005 All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union Coordination for research visits in Finland.
2006 Nomura Research Institute Research in Nordic financial policy.
2006 Antique traders Developing antique database web application to connect dealers.
2007 NHK Coordination for TV program about Europe.
2007 Aura Institute Developint accessibility oriented web site for disables.
2008 Meiji University Research in Finnish municipalities' grants.
2008 NHK Research and coordination in special debate TV program.
2008 Parone Design Developing web site with Plone.
2009 Jyväskylä University Developing e-commerce applications for Plone.
2009 BS12 Coordination in TV shooting for program, "Global Vision".
2010 mFabrik Marketing research of mobile application in Japan.
2011 Santa Claus Foundation Developing sales point in Japan.
2011 Hexagon IT Developing web applications for Plone and Pyramid.
2011 The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation Developing web applications for Plone.
2012 Hexagon IT Developing web application for Plone and Pyramid.
2012 The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation Developing web application for Plone.
Recent work